Great Gifts for Skiers Wall Mounted Ski Coat Rack

Wall Mounted Ski Coat Rack


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After a long day on the slopes, kick off your boots and hang up your jacket on this ski coat rack. Handmade by Massachusetts-based artist Michael Bellino, this coat rack is made from repurposed snow skis, retired from their days of plowing through the powder. Whether for your lodge up in the hills or the home you’re in when you’d rather be skiing, this coat rack brings the memories of the mountains you’ve conquered into your foyer. Made in Millbury, MA.

The Maker

Michael Bellino started making Ski chairs in 1993 after purchasing a lake house that needed deck furniture. Looking for an alternative to plastic patio furniture, he found inspiration in O’Neils Bike and Ski Shop, which he managed. Two weeks and two prototypes later, he created the first Ski chair with his old racing and bump skis. Michael says he’s still sitting in that original chair today!

Over the next few years he expanded the product offering using different types of sports equipment. Understanding the importance of recycling, Michael recycles all types of sports equipment, uses recycled plastic for bench legs and ships all of the larger products in recycled bicycle boxes. Currently, Michael and his team recycles over 20,000 pieces of sports equipment each year, which includes snow and water skis, wake and snow boards, hockey sticks, baseball bats and golf clubs.